An attempt was made… (iPod Mini Flash Mod)

Word to the wise, please please please, just pay extra for a cf card adapter from a reputable company like iFlash.Better yet, just buy a CF card… like really are you really gonna put more than 64 gigs in these tiny nuggets?

This is from when I had the adapter plugged in the wrong direction, lol

Regardless, I learned this lesson the hard way last night trying to flash mod this blue guy I got recently. The disassembly went on without a hitch, but when I got the cf converter plugged in (the correct way) and formatted the sd card in 2 different operating systems (thanks for the errors, windows) the ipod would be detected as in recovery mode and wouldn’t fully reset.

On the Macbook I could get away with loading tracks on it but the signal was just not clean enough or fast enough for the iPod itself. Oh well, this was a card adapter I bought for that DOS thin client project I attempted so it’s probably just that it’s shoddy.

But for real the iFlash one is only 6 dollars more, I mean, what was I thinking? I’ll just get that lol.

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