iPod Shuffle Gen 1 get!

Found a first gen iPod Shuffle at a local thrift store for 15 dollars which is a great find honestly.

The Apple DirtyBuds Classic weren’t in there (thank goodness honestly) but everything else is in such good condition it seems like it is just an open box product, the battery life is decent for what I need it for (however I still haven’t thoroughly tested that part) the lanyard was still wrapped, and the device is cleaner than anything else I’ve ever really seen.

Ive loaded up about 5 hours of study music on it for the time being and that’s probably what will stay on there. Those good ol’ Apple DACs still are impressive 16 years later. Wow, its been 16 years since the first iPod Shuffle, that would make this October the 20 year anniversary of the original iPod’s release.

I’m listening to it now as I type this post a second time as Tumblr crashed my first draft while I was taking a break from the computer lol. On my studio headphones this sounds great and is definitely gonna put me through a ton of study sessions.

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